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Leading organizations protect their data with Box Shield

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Automatically classify sensitive data

Classify new and historical content your way, both manually and automatically. Box Shield's native capability helps you identify regulated data and proprietary information when content is considered "active" — when it's uploaded, shared, previewed, edited, downloaded, and more. You can also use Box security partners to classify and protect your data at scale.

Prevent leaks without sacrificing productivity

Placing controls close to your content helps prevent leaks in real time and powers a seamless user experience. Configure access policies and PII data classification within minutes to keep your data secure while letting people continue their mission-critical work. Frictionless controls — like allowing end users to make one-time exceptions to Box Shield’s access restrictions with admin-defined business justifications — let you collaborate safely.

Protect your content against advanced malware attacks

Box Shield's native threat-detection capabilities help you reduce content-centric risks. With additional built-in, deep learning-based malware detection, you can discover and contain malware spread before it becomes a data breach. Box Shield scans content as it's uploaded, shared, previewed, edited, and downloaded (and more) and provides broader coverage for sophisticated malware, including ransomware.

Empower your security team with timely alerts

Using machine learning, Box Shield brings you timely, informative alerts on potentially compromised accounts and data exfiltration actions, in addition to malware attacks. Quickly get context-rich alerts on logins from suspicious locations, anomalous activities, and abnormal access patterns in Box Shield, or send them to your existing tools for further analysis.

Integrate with your cloud security portfolio


Box Shield works with the best-of-breed security tools you already have in place. Alerts containing more insights than ever before can be integrated with your SIEM and CASB for a unified view. That way, Shield's native controls and alerts serve as a valuable complement to your overall security portfolio.

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Key features

Content classification

Define and manage Box security classification labels for your organization.

Classification-based access controls

Box Shield classification features enable you to control access across native Box apps and third-party integrations.

Deep-learning based malware detection

Detect sophisticated malware for new and historical content in near real time, automatically restricting downloads while still allowing for preview.

Automated classification

Natively and automatically classify new and historical content based on PII, custom terms, and file types at scale.

Last-mile security for online editors

Extend download and print restrictions in online editors like Microsoft Office Online.

Anomaly detection

Spot anomalous user behaviors signaling compromised accounts or data exfiltration with the ability to train machine-learning algorithms specific to your company.

Imported third-party classification

Automatically import Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels when files are uploaded to Box.

One-time exceptions

Admins can allow users to make one-time access exception restrictions with a business justification.

Context-rich alerts

Investigate prioritized, context-rich alerts in the Admin Console, or forward alerts to SIEM.

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